Tuesday, September 26, 2023 آرین ابنیه سحر


Production of concrete stones in various colors, sizes and quality and is extremely durable. This company is made up of the following gems:

Stone seeds: Used aggregate gradation of igneous rocks (quartz, silica, Chinese crystal) produced the highest rock in the world in terms of resistance and the tonality.

Pigment: All colors are shades of pigments manufactured by Bavaria, Germany, which is ranked first in global markets resistant to staining, resistance and immutability of its 200-year warranty.

Resin: This material is called Jet Zygv hundred percent natural in any conditions and in any environment is Dnyasazgar. For example, cooling to 60 degrees below zero and 680 degrees above zero tolerance of heat and fluid that Germany was prepared and used.

Some of the unique features of our product:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to cutting
  • High strength
  • Apply heat-resistant acid rain
  • Moist resistant, dry, hot and cold with Saab and pay
  • Warranty breakage and waste products from origin to destination anywhere in the world

It should be noted that the diameter of the rocks made up of all the work in the rock and offered to customer demand